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What if our kitchen wear and cutlery kne

June, 2019

'Ambrosia' is a unique food-based performance titled after the nectar of the Greek gods. An unknown honey/fruit/nectar that was consumed by the gods to ensure immortality and strength, it was brought to them by a dove from an unknown location.

The performance will be split into three acts all named after a mythological story #1 Tantalus (Greek), #2 Parable of the Spoons (Christian), #3 Lotophagi (Greek). These are all stories which relate to our obsession with, greed for, and lust towards our most instinctive substance; food. Through 'Ambrosia' I invite each individual to rethink their relationship with food and the tools which we use to consume it.

Each act will be accompanied by a performer, dish, and a dining object. I will create foods for the performances that will challenge the expectations that we’ve culturally inherited. These dishes will all have unfamiliar forms, flavours, textures and consumption methods.  All guests of the work will be given my personal interpretation ‘Ambrosia’ to indulge in before the performance, and will be instructed on how to consume the substance correctly to get the full taste-experience.

Performative objects

Food is one of our most basic needs and inspires our most basic behaviours and cultural conventions. We easily take these conventions for granted. Through these works, the audience is made to reevaluate their relationship with food and with the objects they use to consume food. This is achieved by changing the environment in which they eat, what they are eating and the tools they use to consume their food.

Some of the performative objects will see repeated use throughout my further food projects.

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